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“The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you’re beating the market but by whether you’ve put in place a financial plan and a behavioural discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go.” Benjamin Graham

 Goal Planning

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett.

You may have a plan to buy a large house or an office space after a few years. You may need to build a fund for your son’s education abroad. You may need to create a fund for your daughter’s start-up venture. Or you may want to achieve financial freedom at a given age. For any such plan, you need a well-conceived plan to achieve your goals.

A financial plan acts as a guide as you go through life’s journey. It helps in determining your goals, your liquidity needs, contingency provisions, liabilities, financial security to your family. It helps you to check your financial health and assess your core & lifestyle expenses, income from various sources & its consistency, your current wealth creation progress, and chances of achieving your goals through your current investments and future investments through future cash flows. It also helps in identifying risks in and around your life, and use tools to protect your finances against those risks.

We provide comprehensive financial planning services to our clients. Kindly refer to Our Approach to understand the process in detail.

Portfolio Analysis

This service will help you with a range of essential investing steps. It can help you:

  •  Identify inherent risk in your portfolio which can be avoided or mitigated.
  • Check your situation to judge if you can either enhance the risk and in turn enhancing the return to achieve your goal or reduce them in case the situation does not permit taking a high risk. E.g. Repayment of Liability, can provide cushion to allocate higher to riskier assets for further wealth creation.
  •  Identify and remove unhealthy investment products. E.g., identify debt funds with unnecessary risk towards lower credit providing unfavourable risk-reward trade-off.
  •  Help you assess your ideal portfolio.

All of these steps lead to great performance, control, confidence, and peace of mind.

Wealth Services

A large number of Wealth Services concentrate only on generating high returns for investors. It is important to generate high returns, but equally important to ensure reduction or mitigation of risk which is a part of the process of generating high returns. Though Wealth Services is largely practiced as a separate activity, it is in fact an integrated and important part of your life planning process.

At Bluegrid, we focus equally on all aspects of Wealth Services.

  • Wealth-Investment Options
  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Distribution

Wealth-Investment Options

This involves understanding the investor and his/her requirements, assessment of risk profile, creating of appropriate portfolio with ideal strategic asset allocation suited to his/her risk and needs. Finally, identifying suitable investment products across to build his/her ideal portfolio. A review at the pre-defined schedule is conducted which is the most important part of the aspect of  our wealth services

Wealth Protection

We face unexpected events at times which can lead to huge erosion of wealth. Loss can happen through perils which can put your asset at risk viz, house, office, car, jewellery. These assets need protection from theft, calamity, accidents, fire, etc.

Wealth Enhancement

Money saved is money earned. 1% CAGR additional return over and above 6% CAGR on 1 Cr can enhance the wealth by 17.6 Lakhs in 10 years.

We focus on wealth enhancement through tax efficiency while making your investment plan. Few percentages saving compounded for longer-term can help in enhancing wealth significantly.

Wealth enhancement can also be met through effective Liability Management. No doubt, debt can be a very useful tool at times for generating liquidity when its urgently needed, but too many loans and high cost of borrowing can erode your wealth significantly. We provide services on appropriate consolidation of debt and lower borrowing costs wherever possible. At the same time, plan through your cash flows or wealth to control and pay off the debt in the given time to further enhance your wealth

Wealth Distribution

The final stage of wealth management, where one plans for a careful transfer of assets to your loved ones. We offer these services to ensure a smooth transfer of estate avoiding any hindrances like family conflicts, legal battles, etc.